Standard Membership

$70.00 / year

Standard Membership (a Signup fee** of $70.00 at the moment of registration -fee for administrative and handling expenses. Also to verify that the person who is registering is certainly a real one and this at the same time prevents the risk of impersonification. This helps us maintain a community that justly meets all the requirements in an equitable manner and a safe environment for all our members. We only accept members older than 23 years old).


*Terms and Conditions

**Membership lasts one year. If after 1 year you decide to continue with our membership, we will charge you a fee of $70.00 annually (or the fee that corresponds at that time according to our terms and conditions), for management reasons and handling purposes. Of course, you will have 1 year (with all member benefits) to decide if you want to continue being a member or want to delete your membership (except the fee charged when you sign up – which is not refundable – ). We only accept members older than 23 years old. ).





(Last Updated On: December 16, 2019)


  • Membership of our entire community*,
  • Access to all our secret and private events*,
  • Meet socially influential, like-minded and culturally influential fellow members*,
  • Use of our social platform (including forums, groups, chats, friend requests, timeline/activity wall, support tickets, events calendar and more)*,
  • Exchange information, advice and knowledge with other members that are influential in different professional, social and cultural fields*,
  • Black digital identification card, with your unique member number, full name and photo, which you can store in your iOS or Android wallet. The black identification card will be used to access our private events, acquire member privileges and other uses that will come soon.*,
  • Other privileges that our team is working on, such as black credit card, access to VIP areas of different private clubs, unlimited access to 900+ airport lounges, offers with Jet charter companies and yachts, among others. *,
  • Privileged information (through our internal news system) in relation to emergency situations in the Puerto Rico archipelago.*

*Terms and Conditions

Refund Policy

Sign-up and subscription fees are non-refundable. This rule applies to all types of subscription and membership. You will have the right to cancel your account at any time, but it is very important that you know that Sign-up and subscription charges are non-refundable. When you sign-up on our website, mobile application or any of our services, you guarantee, accept and agree with all our terms and conditions, including the knowledge that the charges are not refundable.