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SAVE THE DATE: Our first theme gala party will be on February 12, 2020. The 4 formal annual events held by Boriken Private Society are free of charge for our members.


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Broken Private Society, the social network of Puerto Rico for professionals, Top-C Level Executives, Top Administrative Staff, Investors, entrepreneurs and socially and culturally influential people. You can only access this network with an invitation code sent directly by our Board of Directors (via email or postal mail). But, if you think you qualify (under at least four of these requirements), you can submit an application to be placed on a waiting list for an evaluation (we reserve the right of admission):

  • I consider myself a culturally influential person.
  • I consider myself a citizen of the world.
  • I live at least a minimum of 6 months annually in Puerto Rico.
  • I’m Puerto Rican, entrepreneur, my main offices are in the Puerto Rican archipelago and my company employs 50 people or more.
  • I work in Puerto Rico for a foreign or domestic corporation in a Top C-Level Position (CXO / CEO / CIO / COO / CFO / etc) or a Top Administrative Position (President / VP / AVP / Director / Head / Managers).
  • I don’t have a company, but I live in Puerto Rico because of the incentives offered by the government of the archipelago for investors or other incentives.
  • I consider myself an influencer, and I have a profile with the verified badge in one of the major social networks and I can prove it.
  • I’m an entrepreneur, independent professional, or Puerto Rican investor.
  • I’m an active member of one or some of the major Puerto Rican professional associations such as: Purto Rico Chamber of Commerce,Advertising Agency Association of Puerto Rico, College of Certified Public Accountants of PR, Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association,Puerto Rico Realtors Association,Puerto Rico Bank Association,Association of Gasoline Retailers of Puerto Rico,College of Agronomists of Puerto Rico,General contractors and surveyors,Foundation College of Medical Technology of Puerto Rico,Foundation College of Pharmacists of Puerto Rico, College of Engineers and Surveyors of Puerto Rico,Medical Association of Puerto Rico,College of Chemists of Puerto Rico, Association of Incorporated Insurance Companies of Puerto Rico, College of Decorators and Designers of Puerto Rico, College of Physicians / Surgeons of Puerto Rico, Association of Medical Cannabis of Puerto Rico, or other.
  • I am Puerto Rican living in the diaspora, but I belong to one of these categories: I am an independent professional; I’m a businessman; I work in a corporation in a Top-C Level Position (CXO / CEO / CIO / COO / CFO / etc) or a Top Administrative Position (President / VP / AVP / Director / Head / Managers); I want to contribute in the development of Puerto Rico and I pledge to travel to Puerto Rico and attend at least 2 of the Boriken Private Society events annually. I understand that if I do not attend at least 2 events of the 4 events that Boriken Private Society does annually, my membership will be canceled.




  • Unlike any other private society (or social media platform), everyone will know the name of this society, but the only way to belong to this network is through a Direct Invitation (by email or postal mail) that will contain a Unique and secret code sent by our Board of Directors or by completing an application that will be submitted to our Board of Directors and they will decide if the applicant meets the requirements to belong to BPS.
  • People who have not been previously accepted by invitation or application by our Board of Directors, will not be able to access this network or have access to their exclusive privileges, will not have access to know the information of the location of each event, nor will they have contact with the exclusive members of this social network, as we protect the privacy of our members.
  • According to our privacy policy and our terms and conditions, the private information that you provide to our administration within our social platform will never be shared with third parties and we promise that your privacy and confidentiality will never be violated.
  • Within the BPS social media platform, you may have access to other members who have met the same requirements as you to belong to our private society, however, only you will have access to send friend requests, and the option of accepting or not accepting your friend request will be at their discretion.
  • Definitely, many socially influential people belong to separate unions, associations, clubs and social networks. But, Boriken Private Society differs because we distinguish ourselves by bringing together all socially influential, like-minded, and culturally influential people like you, and we connect them in a single network where they will have the facility to know each other, help each other or have exclusive privileges, through the exclusive BPS social network with which they will be able to: meet all members, keep in daily contact through our network (forums, chats and more), meet all in one place (several times per year) enjoying exclusive and secret events and many other endless possibilities.
  • Definitely, when like-minded people come together, great ideas take shape; we can improve our environment; Know about charities and countless possibilities.


  • Surround yourself with people like you, culturally influential, access a wide range of experiences produced by BPS exclusively for its members in different secret luxury places, of which it can be an exuberant mansion, a castle, a property on a paradisiacal beach, or a wonderful place.
  • Be notified about new events in other cities and countries.
  • Access new art collections, properties, business and unique buying/selling opportunities only for BPS members.

BPS Promotion and Public Relations for members


  • If you are an entrepreneur, an individual professional, you have a Top-C level position or Top Administrative position, BPS offers free professional service to expose your professional / personal profile to increase your awareness in the media and make yourself known for your merits among the public (once a year).**
  • If you own a company, product or service, BPS offers free professional service to expose your company, service or product by integrating your brands into all aspects of business and pop culture, including print, online, and social media (once a year ).**
Puerto Rico


  • We faithfully believe that great minds working together, is the first step for great ideas to emerge and be executed for the good of our fellow citizens.
  • Puerto Rico needs people who want to grow and bring this island to global exposure. We have much to give as an island for our strategic psocion, Infrastructure and a world class human resource.


  • Meet members of the like-minded jet set from all over the world, who are living in the archipelago of Puerto Rico or live much of the year on the Island for business reasons.
  • Know information and acquire secret benefits that are offered exclusively to BPS members, with strict confidentiality and that are not available to anyone else in the world.
  • Enjoy a safe, exclusive environment with the warmth that characterizes Puerto Rico.
  • Enjoy the high standards and quality policies of BPS.


  • Get advice about exclusive tourist sites on the island, works of art, new trends, lifestyle, business opportunities, investment and others, which are only offered to BPS members.
  • Exchange ideas with the exclusive network of expert members in different fields.
  • Receive information exclusive and updated that is not available quickly to the community in general, whether personal, commercial, security, among others (for privacy we do not show the entire list here).


The Boriken Private Society (BPS) was founded in 2019 not as any type of established organization to which everyone can belong, but as the unique Puerto Rican network for professionals. We consider ourselves the only Puerto Rican community that congregates only like-minded people, who also share the same taste for good art, music, culture, luxury and pleasure. In addition, BPS is the only organization that produces totally private events (that can only be accessed by invitation) exclusive for it’s members, in different secret luxurious locations, which could be an exuberant mansion, a property on a paradisiacal beach, or a wonderful place.

Our HistorySince privacy is one of our foundation pillars, the locations will always be secret and the date of the event too, since only our hundreds of exclusive members can enter, showing at the entrance an (digital) identification card that BPS provides to the member with their member number, full name and photograph. We always surprise our network of exclusive members, both with the assembly and themes of our events, as with music and the environment.

As if all this were not enough, our private society also has the purpose of creating a better world for our future generations, that is why we have established Boriken Private Society Foundation, a non-profit organization which will always allocate a percent of the net profits (annually) of our company BPS. This foundation will be in charge of donating money, products or services to non-profit bonafide organizations (of the Puerto Rico archipelago) that support solutions for global warming, art and culture; social services to different types of disadvantaged sectors in the community; and others that can demonstrate in their application that they need the support of our foundation.

You can only belong to the BPS community by receiving an invitation from the board of directors of the institution. In addition, anyone who wishes to receive an invitation can complete an application to enter a waiting list in which their request will be reviewed by the board of directors, so it can be rejected or accepted (we reserve the right of admission). If accepted the applicant will receive an invitation by email with a unique code (alphanumeric) and instructions to complete their online profile.

Be part of the leading lifestyle community of Puerto Rico., surround yourself with people like you, culturally/socially influential, attend multiple private events in luxurious locations just by invitation and make friends while enjoying first class privileges.

If you haven’t been invited yet; you can complete our application by clicking here to be part of the waiting list. However, if you have been invited already, you can go directly to the registration area by clicking here.

Do not believe in everything anyone says. Don’t judge something just by its label. Learn here explained in detail what Boriken Private Society really is.

Our entity is named Boriken Private Society. The words “private” and “society” often confuse many people. Also, our motto is that we are a “private” society and that all our events for members, activities and internal movements are totally “secret.” This, too, often confuses many people and therefore those people can mistakenly label us as an elitist, classist or gentrifier group.

Contrary to everything that people can think of us or the wrong way in which they can catalog us, we are a community with founders and staff who know totally “first hand” (from our own experience) than to be a professional, entrepreneur, investor, senior executive or being a socially/culturally influential person, in the way of life and professional, you must first go through a series of situations, challenges, obstacles, debris roads and pitfalls to get where you have arrived and more strong still, to stay in that place you have to work and fight even harder every single day, because success is not owned, but rented and every day that rent payment due.

For this reason, knowing, understanding and comprehending everything that each member of our community has had to go through to get where they have arrived, our motto and within our mission, vision, privacy policies and terms and conditions are very present what is “privacy” and “secrecy”, because we want to maintain an exclusive community that feels safe and secure when attending an event and when making Login in our cross-platform social network. A community of members who feel safe, protected and confident when meeting other members, because they know that all those who belong to the Boriken Private Society community are because they are the same as them, because they have had to go the same way of challenges, obstacles, debris roads and pitfalls to get where they have arrived, and that among this private community there is no place for opportunistic people who want to get rid of hard work and want to achieve success by taking a shortcut.

Our community, our network is made up of serious people and we want to keep it that way. For this reason, our privacy policies, terms and conditions, mission, vision and our motto may sound hard for some people. But, life is hard, it is challenging and only those that come out of the bubble; they accept reality, the challenge and they give themselves the task of conquering their dreams, only those people can change their lives and those of many people, and they can even change the world. And those people are the ones we want to belong to the Boriken Private Society community.


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  • Great benefits, incentives and exemptions in corporate, personal taxes, on capital gains, dividends and interests (for more information visit the official site of “Invest Puerto Rico” since BPS is not associated with “Invest Puerto Rico”, it is not a business partner neither has any commercial relationship or of any kind).
  • Discover a U.S. jurisdiction with a truly enchanting business environment tailored to meet your investment objectives. Come experience life and work in an island paradise like no other.
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